Video Walls As Patchwork Content Quilts Are A Bad Idea …

June 3, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I haven’t a clue what’s going on with the LCD video wall in this Buffalo Wild Wings franchise in Portland, Maine, and neither does one of the guys who founded the fast casual restaurant chain.

Scott Lowery, who let’s assume cashed out because his Linkedin profile describes him as a ubiquitous snow skier, popped into this location while up in Maine, and had mixed impressions. Food was good. Table service was so-so. And the narrow-bezel video wall in the remodelled store has apparently skipped its meds.

“One other thing that needs improvement is the wonderful 16 screen TV,” writes Lowery on Linkedin. “It had 13 various TV slices of pictures all at once and really showed nothing. See photo of me above with segments of screens. This image wastes all the money and technology that went into this cool design.”

If you’re going to invest the money in displays – and these super-narrow bezel units ain’t cheap – put some money into control hardware and software, so the screen doesn’t look like this crazy mish-mash. I think I’ve been in a Buffalo Wild Wings maybe once, so have no real sense of the atmosphere – but I can’t imagine this enhances it.

Stuff happens, of course, but 20+ years of paying attention suggests this was probably like this well before a co-founder walked in to check out a version of what he started.

  1. Marty Durksen says:

    Like I have always said, Pay attention to the care and feeding of the system.

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