Dressing Room Interactive Screens Key Aspect of First Amazon Style Bricks & Mortar Store

May 30, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Online shopping giant Amazon has now opened its first physical fashion retail store, and a key feature is personalized interactive screens in fitting rooms, tied in with a store-centric app.

The Amazon Style store opened its doors May 25th at a big LA-area shopping mall called The Americana at Brand. While Amazon also operates cashier-less grocery stores like Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh, this is the first move into bricks and mortar for fashion.

The store is more a showroom than typical store, with only single items – like a blouse – on a rack, instead of maybe dozens of the item in different sizes and colors. Shoppers use an Amazon app to scan QR codes for items they like, select sizes and colors, and either arrange to try them on or buy them, with the items then brought to a pickup counter.

If they want to try items on, they’re brought to an assigned dressing room that has a touch screen with the shopper’s name, and the option to do other things off that screen, like ask for a different size or look for accessories.

Amazon signalled it was opening a Style store back in January, but it took until last week to open.

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    Three observations:

    1) The devices could have (and probably do) listening and viewing capabilities;

    and 2) Does anyone think hanging the device on the wall like this (versus a flush installation) will end any way other than with destruction?

    and 3) In this age of “don’t touch ANYTHING”, why?

    1. Stephen Gladden says:

      Was this comment written in May 2020? Lol.

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