Mellitron Broadens Outdoor Display Focus To Include EV Charging Stations

May 21, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The Canadian electronics enclosure manufacturer Mellitron has joined a growing list of outdoor display companies expanding beyond DOOH street furniture and QSR drive-thrus into electric vehicle charging  stations.

The Guelph, Ontario company (Guelph is outer-outer-outer Toronto) now has fully customizable Level 2 EV charging stations aimed at restaurant, retail, smart cities and other possible use-cases. There is a 55-inch display version, and a smaller version using a 22-inch LG display.

“The Melitron EV Charger Series features leading OCPP-compliant Level 2 fast-charge technology with 22 inch or 55 inch HD digital displays housed in a sleek, durable corrosion-resistant metal enclosure designed to withstand any environment,” says PR. “A patent-pending retractable charging cable management system extends to the perfect length and coils back effortlessly for ease of use and to keep cables off the ground.”

EV chargers are fully customizable in design, colour, graphics and LED accent lighting. They can be further customized for a more interactive experience to include touchscreen, speaker, microphone, cameras and more.

Melitron also provides EV charging station contract manufacturing services including design, manufacturing, technology integration, electrical and electromechanical assembly, optional HD digital display integration, LED accent lighting, and customizable finishing including colour and graphics.

“EV chargers are an excellent way to attract customers and will be even more essential to businesses as electric vehicle adoption increases in the coming years,” says Mike Turner, President and CEO at Melitron. “We are bringing the same smart design, superior quality and exceptional service approach to our EV Charger Series that we bring to our leading outdoor digital menu boards, digital signage and kiosks.”

The company has a stand showcasing the totem units at the National Restaurant Show running this weekend in Chicago.

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