Austrian Sports Retailer’s Mountain-Themed Flagship Greets Shoppers With Big LCD Video Wall

May 17, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A periodic reminder, if it is needed, that LCDs are still valid options for video walls when done well in terms of positioning and content choices.

This is the flagship store of Sport Bründl retail chain in Kaprun, Austria, a small, stunning resort town surrounded by by the Austrian Alps. The building hints at the shape of the mountains.

There are several digital displays around the store – mainly portrait units fit into shop walls by merchandise. But there is a large 3 by 3 wall fronted by mannequins in contextual outdoors gear. A lot of the large format displays going into flagship retail stores these days are direct view LED, mainly because of the absence of seams and the design flexibility. But narrow bezel LCD video walls can look pretty good when properly installed, and tend to come in at less – or often much less – upfront cost than LED.

The downside is LCD display properties can drift and these nine panels will periodically need to be recalibrated, so they have the matching color, brightness and contract properties they had when they were first lit up in the store.

The CMS software driving the displays is from the Austrian firm Grassfish, which has a case study on the project.

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