SiliconCore Launches New LED Driver Tech It Suggests Will Help Shape Future Of Premium Video Walls

May 11, 2022 by Dave Haynes

While much of the AV world is focused on what’s on show at Integrated Systems Europe, there’s another display industry show on in Silicon Valley that caters to the crowd that thinks up, designs, tests and sometimes releases new display technologies.

Display Week 2022 – run annually by the Society for Information Display – is live in San Jose this week. A lot of the event is conferences and presentations that involve diagrams, charts and math that are all 100 miles over my head, but there is also a trade show component where manufacturers do things like preview R&D work.

The premium LED display manufacturer SiliconCore is at the show, and has launched new module technology it suggests represents the necessary future for super fine pitch video walls.

At end-user and integrator-focused trade shows, SiliconCore is showing its end products, but at Display Week it is talking as much or more about its underlying technology. This week, the company is pointing at its display modules and in this case its CommonCathode Technology driver chips. SiliconCore says it is the only LED display company that designs and manufactures its own driver chips.

Says the PR (Warning: Display nerd language ahead … ):

Proprietary and patented, these modules offer the best in class performance for power, heat, and image quality which directly enable fine pitch dvLED and MicroLED displays to reach pixel pitches 0.6mm and lower. 

At San Jose Display Week 2022 from May 9th – 13th, SiliconCore will begin offering the next generation of its LISA and Z.A.C.H. technology within a new series of LED display modules – CCT-ZL2. The basis of CCT-ZL2 is SiliconCore’s patented CommonCathode Technology driver chips. All the technologies combined are necessary to achieve higher resolutions along with unbeatable sustainability, durability, and longevity for the next generation of displays. The CCT-ZL2 modules range in PCB sizes from 86 – 750 cm² and 0.83 –1.5mm pitch. 

SiliconCore’s CommonCathode Technology within these LED modules offers very low power consumption for brighter displays, up to 4000 nits. This high power to performance ratio is due to 20% to 40% lower power consumption. The low power means the LED module runs cooler and brighter than comparable solutions. Also incorporated into the CCT-ZL2 design are image quality and durability enhancements with its ZACH and LISA technology. Prospective ODM display customers looking to expand product offerings or create application specific dvLED and MicroLED displays can now work with the Silicon Valley based design team to achieve custom display solutions. Applications include areas where technology such as LCD or projection are limited in brightness and size, such as simulation, virtual reality environments, immersive collaboration, and interactive applications. 

Performance characteristics of the SiliconCore CCT-ZL2 module with ZACH technology include faster clock speeds and low brightness capabilities down to 0.04 nits for a wider color gamut, nearing rec. 2020. Also, higher refresh rates of 3840 Hz and frame rates of 120 fps greatly reduce motion blur and offer a premiere solution for both active and passive 3D applications in training, gaming, and design. ZACH provides a more accurate and lifelike image reproduction while maintaining the highest brightness per watt available today. 

The CCT-ZL2 incorporates the advancement of LISA, SiliconCore’s proprietary LED encapsulation process that increases the durability of its LED modules. The next advancement of LISA is like no other durability technology on the market and differs from similar processes that can cause uniformity problems and optical artifacts. This encapsulation technique preserves the brightness without adding filtering elements that can compromise optical performance. SiliconCore’s proprietary process significantly reduces any need to increase power consumption, while protecting the fragility of 1mm and MicroLED displays, leaving a flat, durable, scratch-resistant surface. 

Jim Wickenhiser, SVP for Strategic Initiatives at the Silicon Valley company, says the LED display industry is at an inflection point. “Many LED manufacturers claim to produce MicroLED displays; however, severe heat issues, poor image quality, and fragile products prevent the LED market from reaching its full potential. This new modular offerings from SiliconCore will shape the future of the LED market. We’ll begin to see sub 1mm displays coming into the market with unbelievably low power consumption, high brightness, and impeccable image clarity all running at close to ambient temperatures. Add to it, that our modules can withstand high weight and high impact introduces a disruptive technology that can quite literally replace every LCD, OLED, and projector with a greener, brighter, more stunningly beautiful display. It’s energizing to be at the fore of this exciting movement.” 

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