ISE 2022: Here’s A Round-Up Of Videos From The Show Floor

May 11, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I’m not there so I can’t do much more than relay news and observations from Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona – a big pro AV trade show Sixteen:Nine has in its must-attend rotation year to year … in more normal times.

The general sense I get from reading and watching videos is that the show was again busy today and is somewhat back to its pre-COVID self, though the attendee counts and exhibitor numbers won’t approach 2019 peak numbers.

I haven’t come across any overly big news or groundbreaking developments, but there are undoubtedly lots of instances in which existing technology is better, faster, cheaper, easier, more open and so on. Every year will not bring with it a new advance like OLED or microLED, or system on chip. The software guys will tend to be talking much more about integrations than advances, because their platforms all tend to already stay on top of more general advances in computing, cloud storage and web tools.

The good news for people who couldn’t attend (or could but chose not to) is that more and more videos are being shot on the floor and quickly posted to platforms like Linkedin and YouTube.

Here’s some of what I found …

The AV lighting focused Pro AVL Central – from the UK, if the host’s accent doesn’t make that screamingly obvious, has a Day 1 summary video up that also provides a good look around the new venue set-up in Barcelona.

Here is a guy I’m going to assume LG hired to do a slick video walk-through of its ISE 2022 stand, which in recent, normal ISE events has tended to be among the largest and most impressive of the show. I like the effort at showing screens in contextual use-cases, as sometimes the context at booths doesn’t involve much than a label, like QSR.


This is Samsung’s extended length video of its featured product at this show – The microLED-ish The Wall.

Here’s Panasonic …

North Carolina AV publishing juggernaut rAVe Publications has, as always, a large crew of staff and local contractors running around shooting quick videos with pretty much every stand-holder. They can be everything from very good to very painful, depending on who gets stuck with the job of doing a quick on-screen elevator pitch about the company’s pots and pans.

Some are born for the camera. Others look like deer in headlights. Either way, they can be useful for getting a sense of what vendors are showing and selling.

Ever-growing archive here –

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