Stockholm “Space” Touted As World’s Largest Gaming Center Adds Experiential LED Canopy

April 25, 2022 by Dave Haynes

German content partners Invidis put up a post today about an interesting and vast new digital culture center that’s opened in central Stockholm, with some very big LED walls and a hell of a lot of smart monitors.

Called Space, is a multi-level “physical meeting place” for people into all things digital, most notably esports. Space has what is touted to be the world’s largest gaming center, with over 400 gaming set-ups. There is also a club, and “experience” focused on the DJ Avicii, a market and restaurants.

There is a big, curved 19 by 5 meter 2.5MM pitch Samsung LED wall in the main theatre space, put in by integrator/AV supplier Creative Technology.

The venue has since added a set of LEDs that act as a canopy in the lengthy entry corridor (main image above).

Creative did one of those mind-wobbling drone camera fly-throughs of the whole space, prior to the canopy being added. The main image is from DAP, the firm that designed the venue. Photo credit Lasse Olsson.

  1. David Drain says:

    That’s some expert drone flying with all those low ceilings!

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