Watch: Big Downtown Dallas LED Wall Becomes Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine

April 14, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is pretty amazing three-dimension illusion content, done for that big LED wall on the corner of a building in the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas.

The piece was developed by the local (to Dallas) agency Flight School Studio, and is a virtual/mechanical Rube Goldberg machine that is one-part musical instrument, one-part contraption. It has a marimba, vibraphone, kalimba, glass harmonica, and hang drum. Flight School, judging by the company’s social media feed, seems to mainly focus on games, like Stonefly and Creature in the Well.

The display is a 104-foot-tall, 6K LED – part of a larger multimedia development in and around the big telecom’s Dallas HQ. I did a podcast a few months ago about the district, and the thinking behind the experiential media components.


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