Watch: UK Firm Using LED In Building Glass For Event Marketing

March 23, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is an effective demo video showing what LED embedded glass looks like and does – from a UK company called Versatile Venues.

The tech is from a Korean company that specializes in LEDs in glass – G-Smatt. It has a website that loads like it is 1996, but eventually text and images pop up (I have fiber at home, it ain’t me). Weird for a tech company.

Interestingly, the UK reseller uses the dynamic glass displays as rentals for trade shows and special events. This is LED right in the glass, versus LED on film that’s adhered to glass, or the semi-transparent mesh systems that are placed in front of building glass.

  1. Bryan Crotaz says:

    It is LED on film, but it’s sandwiched inside double glazing essentially. I’ve had a tour of their UK facility. My issue with it was brightness. It’s fabulous for indoor use, but for outdoor they can’t drive it hard enough through the transparent film wires to make it bright enough for daytime use. Or this was the state of play about 18 months ago, anyway.

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      That makes sense, and yes, brightness can be an issue. That used to be the case with the mesh stuff, as well, and now they are super-bright. Not sure if that can happen with this because of the wiring, but eventually this sort of thing will be microLED.

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