UK Custom Display Firm Literally An Anomaly For Market Focus

March 11, 2022 by Dave Haynes

One of my takeaways from the last pro AV trade show I was at – a couple of years ago now – was how there were one hell of a lot of companies selling indoor and outdoor display totems, all seemingly chasing the limited markets of DOOH advertising and campus and mall directories.

A UK company, Anomaly Visual, perhaps took at look at all that competition and decided, instead, to chase a different market – workplaces.

Based in Preston, up north of Liverpool and Manchester, the company says it has “worked with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative companies, ensuring workers stay safe and the public stay informed.”

Anomaly markets indoor and outdoor display totems, as well as set-ups for things like construction hoardings. It then has a CMS oriented to workplace messaging needs, most notably safety. It also has an in-house creative team to develop messaging and build in company branding.

Of course, all those other display totem manufacturers have kit that could be used for these purposes, but end-users and integrators would need to pull the various bits together. What Anomaly does comes pretty much ready-to-go – display, content and services. I don’t know how big the market is for this, and orders are likely one here, three there, versus orders of 80-100 for a DOOH network. But this is nonetheless interesting.

As is the case with generalist digital signage CMS platforms, selling much the same thing as 50 other options means vendors are competing mainly on price, which is deadly. If you are THE GUYS who address a particular market or need, with tools and services that meet the market and need, that makes price only one consideration.

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