Historic Moviehouse Marquee Gets LED Upgrade

March 1, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice little retrofit of a historic moviehouse marquee in a small town south of Buffalo, NY, replacing the old letterboard for movie titles with a flanking pair of 8mm LED displays.

The cinema is in Gowanda, New York, and the analog and digital sign firm Watchfire Signs supplied the display and Signs Unlimited in nearby Eden did the integration, doing it back in the plant and ensuring the vintage neon and light bulb arrays were left intact. It was then flatbedded to the site. The theater will continue to show movies and host multiple theater and music camps for the community

Another indication LED is mainstreamed. Gowanda is a town in of 3,000, and it was not all that long ago this sort of thing was news when it went up in Times Square.

  1. jim colombo says:

    great job evan!

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