Volta Expanding Its DOOH Ad-Driven Charging Totem Network To 500+ Walgreens Lots In US

February 16, 2022 by Dave Haynes

It is easy to imagine the folks at Peerless-AV are having a good February, given the announcement by the DOOH media firm Volta that its EV charging kiosks will be deployed outside some 500 Walgreens stores in the U.S.

The Volta display totems/charging stations are supplied by Chicago-based Peerless-AV, which is mainly known in digital signage and pro AV circles for its mounting systems, but has a whole other, very active line of business doing outdoor displays.

Volta already has charging stations in some 50 Walgreens lots, but an expanded agreement announced this week means another 500 stores will get the the fast-charging stalls, an average of two per store.

“As we expand our DC Fast charging presence across the country, Walgreens is an ideal match for faster forms of Volta charging given the average time a Walgreens shopper typically spends in-store,” says Scott Mercer, Founder and CEO of Volta. “Volta’s intelligent charging network is built around understanding and anticipating consumer behavior. The next phase of our work with Walgreens will provide people with a quick, convenient, and meaningful charge that is tailored to their shopping experience while bringing us another step closer to a clean energy future.”

With high-impact, large-format digital screens, Volta stations also double as an innovative, digital out-of-home advertising opportunity, allowing brands to reach shoppers seconds before they enter a store to make a purchase – simultaneously driving measurable business results and environmental impact. This unique functionality will be leveraged by Walgreens Advertising Group.

“Walgreens is committed to providing customers with new and different digital experiences alongside convenient solutions that help them lead healthier lives,” says Luke Kigel, vice president of Walgreens integrated media and leader of Walgreens Advertising Group. “Volta’s electric chargers allow Walgreens to seamlessly bring customers unique advertising and convenience experiences with eye-catching screens and quick, convenient charging to match their behavior, all while helping to build healthier communities through reducing vehicle emissions.”

I did not know Walgreens had its own media group and demand-side ad platform. Unless things have changed, Volta’s primary business model is the build-it-and-they-will-come ad sales model that sees their units go in and get maintained all on Volta’s dime, with costs recovered though advertising sales. Given that Walgreens has its own media sales capabilities – presumably for endemic ads – I am not sure how sales might work here. But we can assume that all got sorted out.

Whatever the case, a 1,000 or so unit order of stations that probably cost north of $10,000 each is a nice win. My abacus says that’s $10 million. No idea on what Volta uses for a CMS – possibly 3rd party, but also quite possibly its own.


  1. Craig keefner says:

    That’s a lot of new charging locations on Google Maps.

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