Dubai Outdoor Shopping Complex Upgrades 40 Display Network

February 8, 2022 by Dave Haynes

It’s Dubai, where just about everything done is over the top and budget restraint is an abstract concept, but nonetheless this is an interesting look at how large format digital signage can dominate an outdoor retail development.

The development is call The Beach and is in the lux Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai, along the waterfront.

The screen network operated by Backlite Media has been upgraded and now encompasses 40 displays around the development.

The feature piece is a pair of big, panoramic screens that dominate the north entrance.

Big LED displays around retail developments is not all that new or unique, but it’s the scale here, as well as the tangible evolution that’s starting to happen away from outdoor-rated LCD display totems to larger LED versions that now have the pixel density to do advertising that will look good even at fairly close quarters.

LCD is still going to be superior in terms of resolution and legibility, but using LED means – in most cases – longer operating lives and higher brightness, without the same engineering that’s needed to keep LCDs working properly in relentless heat and sun.

The image at the top may or may not be conceptual (looks real, but not sure about some of the shoppers). However, this Linkedin video shows the network operating …

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