Screenfeed Adds Beijing Olympics Coverage To Sports Central Content Feed

January 25, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Among the way-too-many things COVID-19 has thrown out of whack is the traditionally staggered calendar for the Summer and Winter Olympics, with the delayed-by-a-year Tokyo summer games over just months ago and the winter version in Beijing now just days away.

The subscription content firm Screenfeed has once again developed a short-term specialized feed for the event, which opens Feb. 4th. Beijing doesn’t leap to mind as a winter city, but it gets cold there in the winter. Not Winnipeg OhMyFreakingGod! cold, but nippy, and there are mountains nearby for alpine events.

The Screenfeed Beijing Olympics coverage is part of the broader Sports Central feed, and includes a countdown to the games and medal counts.

As with other Screenfeed content, the content is available via a subscription tied billed by player.

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