Parisian Mall’s LED Set-up Offers Visual Domination For Marketers

January 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I’d put this in the oldie but goodie category of posts – an LED-lined shopping mall atrium in suburban Paris.

I came across a domination campaign being done in Westfield’s Les 4 Temps mall and thought it was very impressive in terms of scale and managing to be visually unavoidable, without being crass about it. But in digging around, I read this LED display set-up first went live in 2013 – almost 10 years ago.

The initial build was using Barco, and I am not sure if this is the original kit or v2 from Barco or one of countless other suppliers. When this first went in, there was Barco, Daktronics and a handful of other DV LED suppliers out there. Much has changed since then. Clear Channel France has the media concession at this mall.

I think these atrium set-ups – common in both urban and suburban malls – are perfect for big LED projects because of the way they can fit the physical dimensions and contours of the space, visually dominate, and be multi-tasked beyond straight advertising, to do things like support live in-mall events and specialty leasing efforts like new automobile launches and credit card marketing.

Here’s a Clear Channel France video on Facebook that shows how the screens are built into event marketing for an apparel brand.

  1. Éric Martin says:

    A nice setting under Scala and managed by our local Partner Videlio, for the last 10 years

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