Three-Sided LED Column Is Towering Centerpiece In Chilean Flagship Store

January 3, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The visual centerpiece of the Santiago, Chile flagship store for retailer Falabella is a more than 16 meter tall, three-sided fine pitch LED column with a wide assortment of custom creative designed much more to deliver experience than sell stuff.

The column is in a central plaza, surrounded by up/down escalators, and it may (or may not) be the structural sides of an elevator shaft. The AV install’s content (and probably the deployment itself) was put together by Spain’s NECSUM Trison, which has done a number of landmark jobs in retail lately.

The company, in an online brief, says:

The dimension, professional sound and stunning digital art content create in the visitor a total immersion effect and WOW effect hard to forget.

The high quality of the technology installed on the 3 sides of the totem makes the contents that have been worked for this immersive experience can be performed with great detail, making the visitor is immersed in a magical world when climbing the lateral escalators of the square. The idea is to generate poetic contents that accompany the space and generate very attractive and beautiful visual environments.

This audiovisual installation is completed with interactive games for all ages where visitors will be the protagonists of this colossal screen. The Central Plaza, full of sensors, allows visitors, old, young and young at heart, to play and have fun in an interactive way. The most modern technology works its magic to allow us to enjoy Augmented Reality, share photos with friends and even test skills in the great interactive Pinball.

UPDATE: You will see in the comments that Promatic Media Chile also worked on the project, using Scala CMS software to drive an Absen LED display.

The creative is really good. I have often referred to these big video wall jobs as the new version of the water fountains that used to be the expensive signature visuals in shopping mall center courts and office tower lobbies, so it is funny to see a waterfall feature as one of the key creative segments. Waterfall video walls have been widely done, but I haven’t seen one like this.

Some of the creative features people embedded in sequences (so it’s not just CGI), something first done by David Niles at the Comcast skyscraper in Philadelphia, and later, in places like Changi Airport in Singapore, by Moment Factory.

Nice stuff!

  1. Stephen Gottlich says:

    Brilliant!! this is the stuff that makes a difference and raises the bar for all in the industry to follow. The canvas is being used as it should with great content and graphics. well done Necsum.

  2. Alejandro Calvo says:

    Dear Dave
    Our company Promatic Media Chile also worked on this project. It includes full integration of SCALA (Scala provides Digital Signage to all Falabella, the final customer).
    Absen Chile provided the screen and video matrix. Undoubtedly, the extraordinary work Necum-Trison plus all the work in Chile day and night on this project gave this spectacular result.

  3. Don Sperring says:

    It’s great to see a canvas brought to life with such creativity, sadly there are so few examples as the majority still see the scale of the canvas and not the content as the end goal.
    Sadly the industry has been willing to invest capital in increasingly high resolution displays yet it’s a blank canvas. Creativity is what will really get it talked about on social media not its scale or pixel pitch.

  4. jim johnsen says:

    Hats off. Content is amazing!

  5. Alvaro Amar says:

    It worths to mention that the display used is an Absen N Plus Display. Eventhough, NECSUM TRISON did an impressive job doing the physical installation and structure, all the AV Design and configuration was done by our engineering team and myself on-site. It was a real teamwork and not only a one company work. Also Promatic Media was in charge of the project management, crucial to take a project like this to a successful end. Proud to be part of this landmark!

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