Creative Technology Shop StandardVision Starts Marketing Own LED Display Product

December 15, 2021 by Dave Haynes

LA-based StandardVision has developed a reputation for designing and delivering great-looking digital experiences, particularly in the commercial real estate sector. But the creative technology shop recently took the unusual step of starting to market its own display technology.

The company has launched Luma Canvas – modular, fine-pitch LED cabinets that are aimed primarily at the rapidly-emerging NFT digital art market.

Designing a museum-grade canvas starts with the highest regard for mastering color and luminosity, says the product description.

Immediately more vivid than the highest caliber of TV displays, Luma Canvas boasts resilient LED technology designed to operate 24/7. Unlike traditional LCD monitors, the matte surface of Luma Canvas avoids reflections and maintains deep blacks while the screen’s emissive technology allows for superior contrast and brightness.

The tech behind it includes these specs:

The main pitch is tiling and stacking cabinets to create displays of different scales for gallery environments. The “matte surface” that’s described suggests this is some variation of the fine pitch products that have been coming on the market with a protective coating, and the reference to deep blacks points towards it being microLED or microLED-ish.

It’s very doubtful StandardVision is doing direct or contract manufacturing, and much more likely this is rebadged product  from an offshore manufacturer. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see a company that leads with creative getting into selling its own branded display hardware, as well as control software that includes mobile controls that gallery operators can use to change what’s on screens.

I have also seen LG marketing its OLED displays as canvases for digital art, and Samsung has had its Frame display product out for several years.

Explaining NFTs and digital art is not something I can do here. My son is heavily into AI-created art, but despite his attempts to explain it all, it has so far escaped me.

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