UAE Mega-Mall Adds Illusion-Driven Experiential LED Display In Central Plaza

December 14, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The first wave of anamorphic illusions on LED displays seemed to almost exclusively be associated with booked advertising on media company billboards, with a sprinkling of public art initiatives here and there. Now we’re starting to see these visual tricks – also referred to as forced perspective illusions – showing up as attractions and experiential features.

This is the Yas Mall Shopping Center in Abu Dhabi – which has put in a three-sided 170 square meter fine pitch LED display facing into a common area in the shopping center. The Spanish creative technology shop Necsum Trison was engaged to come up with a series of non-commercial digital art pieces that are run as shows.

Says Necsum Trison about the project (video at bottom of post):

One of the main attractions of the mall are the WOW 3D contents, which will not go unnoticed and will viralize Yas Mall in social networks. Impressive digital art contents, highlighting the digital architecture and a sophisticated Gold Waterfall shocks those present with its impressive 3-dimensional fall. One of the funniest and most creative moments is starred by an amazing Julius Caesar, in which this imposing digital sculpture comes to life to surprise and interact with the visitors of the center.

In addition, the big screen offers exclusive shows where King Kong, dancers and artists, among others, will make the main plaza a place to experience unique shows at each also with the latest professional sound system.

This audiovisual installation is completed with interactive games for all ages where visitors are the main protagonists of this colossal screen. The Central Plaza, full of sensors, allows visitors, old and young, to play and have fun interactively. The most modern technology works its magic to allow us to post photos and share them on the social media with friends, among other interactivities like the Digital Bowling or the AR games.

This certainly addresses the idea of malls being destinations, and not just places that conveniently hive shops together, or, in the case of the UAE, have air conditioning.

If the “show” attracts people to this mall instead of competing shopping centers, that’s a win. This set-up could also, easily, be used as the backdrop for events sold by specialty leasing – like fashion shows and product launches.

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