First Arriving’s Digital Dashboard Displays Add Real-Time Dispatch Info To Content Options

December 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I’ve noted in recent weeks my enthusiasm for the absolute focus a small tech company called First Arriving has placed on its narrowly defined but big vertical market – digital dashboards on displays in police, fire and paramedics stations.

The company – based in Richmond, VA – has developed and announced a new data integration that adds real-time dispatch information as an option on screens, via a partnership with the Bay Area firm Tablet Command.

Says the PR:

The partnership will provide Dashboard users with real-time dispatch information from Tablet Command including nature of call, address, units dispatched, call notes, turnout timer, ETA and distance, custom alert tones, maps and ESRI layers. There are more than 100 integrations and features available through First Arriving’s dashboards for large display screens, desktops and tablets. 

“Ensuring that response personnel are provided with the most timely and accurate information possible to support their mission, is a shared value between Tablet Command and First Arriving,” says Van Riviere, President and CEO of Tablet Command.

Tablet Command’s mobile incident command and response solution increases situational awareness, speeds incident response, streamlines incident management, and improves accountability for everyone in a department. Tablet Command also serves as a complete MDT replacement with custom features tailored to each department. 

“Public safety professionals need solutions that improve performance, communication and crew safety,” adds Ross Hopkins, First Arriving’s Senior Product Director.

First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards now has data-sharing/software handshakes with more than 100 leading third party technology platforms, features and service providers. The platform is used by everyone from small volunteer fire departments to some of the largest public safety agencies and local governments in North America.

I know I blabber on about this a lot – possibly too much – but finding a market, serving its unique and specialized needs, and doing the partnerships and integrations necessary to be something like essential to operations is very smart. I come across so many companies with a general offer – like simple, easy digital signage for whatever use-case – and I just see a long, tough battle to get known and grow.

The other thing I like about this approach is that while first responder agencies evolve, they’re pretty much here to stay as essential services. Retailers, QSRs and especially DOOH ad networks come and go.

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