LED Mainstreamed: B.C. Golf Resort Hotel Adds 63-Foot Fine Pitch Video Wall For Weddings And Meetings

November 15, 2021 by Dave Haynes

In another sign that LED video walls are now a mainstreamed pro AV and digital signage solution, here is a giant 256-cabinet LED wall in the multi-purpose room of a resort hotel in Victoria, B.C.

The ballroom video wall at the Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa is 63 feet wide and 9 feet tall, and is used as a backdrop for everything from corporate meetings to wedding celebrations.

The solution involves LG 1.56mm LED modules on a Peerless-AV mounting system, and was put in by Vancouver-based NovMega Digital Solutions, a commercial audio video contractor.

The project started more than a year ago, but was slowed and complicated (like many things) by the pandemic. While LG was able to have someone on site for the install, Chicago-based Peerless-AV could not. So guidance and directions for the mount installation were done, in part, using virtual video calls.

“As a mount manufacturer, working with the integrator and OEM together as a team, right from the start is paramount on any project, but for dvLED it’s make or break,” says Megan Zeller, Business Development at Peerless AV. “Since our team could not be present, we conducted regular conference calls with NovMega and LG Canada, and used FaceTime to walk through the install steps and advise how to avoid potential issues. The NovMega and LG Canada teams are experts in the field of dvLED and were painstakingly precise in their approach, creating a perfect partnership for this project.”

“Given how great the mount is, the install was so straightforward, despite Peerless-AV not being able to be present,” says Alex Fortin, President and CEO of NovMega Digital Solutions.  “LG Canada’s Anthony Ferreira was on site the entire time and the install team was phenomenal, working 8-to-12-hour days, including weekends.”

Installation began in March of 2021 and, in just 10 days, a four-man crew installed the giant dvLED video wall. The installation team used scaffolding and a long laser level to conduct spot checks and confirm accuracy across the wall. Fluke tests were conducted to check cable performance and confirm that all cables were CAT6A shielded from the backbone.

The 256 LG cabinets (1,024 modules) were shipped in 32 crates and each cabinet was labeled for its exact location on the wall, which took a lot of methodical organization when unboxing. The cabinets are cableless, with all power cascaded from one cabinet to the next. The 65/35 heat ratio allows install into shallow recessed cavities. From a servicing standpoint, everything can be serviced, maintained, or swapped out from the front.

Using the video wall’s four individual inputs, the hotel can split the screen into four x 4K 16:9 aspect ratio sections so different content can be displayed or streamed. In-wall control technology is provided by Datapath, Crestron for video matrix, and nView proprietary remote viewing software allows complete control of the video wall from NovMega HQ.

“It’s fantastic to see my vision come alive,” says Raoul Malak, President and CEO of Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa. “I wanted to set a technology benchmark in the Canadian hospitality market whilst elevating the value add for guests and visitors. Not only do we have an amazing venue, but we also have the biggest video wall in Western Canada, and the ballroom has been booked up all through summer. The bride at the first wedding reception since the video wall was installed was blown away, and seeing her and other guest reactions makes me very happy. LG Canada has recognized the installation as ‘AV Project of the Year 2021’ and for that I’m very proud.”

There is a digital case study here …


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