Embed Signage Ties Software Sales To Carbon Reduction Tree-Planting Initiatives In UK

November 10, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Tree-planting programs developed by businesses as environmental initiatives have been around for some time, but I don’t think I have seen one developed for a digital signage company that ties the program directly with its commercial activity.

UK-based digital signage software company embed signage, has put in place a “Climate Positive” action plan that sees the Surrey company correlate business operations to the planting of trees and CO2 reduction, through a partnership with a Bristol-based environmental “collective” called Ecologi.

The commitment works like this:

“We know how important preserving and improving our climate, economies and communities around the world is, which is why we’ve spent a long time searching for the perfect partner to help us make a positive contribution to these efforts. Ecologi’s carbon reduction projects and reforestation programs aligned perfectly with our values and we’re absolutely thrilled with the flexibility we now have to turn our day-to-day operations into positive climate action,” says Drew Harding of embed signage.

To kick-start the initiative, embed signage has made a contribution to the planting of 7,500 trees, which will yield approximately 2,300 tonnes of CO2 offset during their lifespan. They have also made an initial contribution to carbon reduction projects yielding an initial 70+ tonnes of carbon reduction, equivalent to approximately 290,000 km driven in a car.

Quite interesting. I can’t recall another program like this within the industry, but I’ve no doubt there are all kinds of environmental programs, big and small, going on with companies, including recycling technology components so they don’t just end up in landfills.

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