That Familiar Curved LED Screen In Toronto’s Financial District Just Got A Facelift

November 3, 2021 by Dave Haynes

People who work in or regularly pass through Toronto’s financial district will be familiar with the curved LED display that has been parked at a corner of the Bank of Montreal’s office tower for, I’m thinking, at least 15 years. It was one of the earlier LED signs in the city.

It’s been upgraded in the last few weeks, halving the pixel pitch from 8.5mm to 4.25mm.

The sign at the corner of Bay and King has long been running a news and financial ticker, along with weather data and, if my memory is working, some marketing material.

The new LED modules are from, and put in by, Media Resources, which is down the freeway in nearby Oakville, Ontario.


  1. Shea Darlison says:

    I need to go for a walk and see this!

    That old sign had definitely seen better days.

    1. Omi Sahota says:

      go for a walk and check it out!

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