QSR Chain Uses Transparent LCDs On Grab’n’Go Lockers To Guide Order Pickups

October 14, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Transparent LCD displays have been around for a decade or more, but aside from those screens in grocery chiller doors, I’ve not seen widespread adoption or many use-cases that looked all that good or effective. But here’s one …

This is a flagship location in Austria of True Chicken, a QSR chain that specializes in guess what. The store borrows on the old school automat format of the 50s and 60s by having prepared meals and snacks in pickup windows, or see-thru lockers. What I like here is how the creative team recognized the limitations of the displays (the limitations of edge lighting affect color saturation), and use basic black, white and blue colors to do messaging that’s timed and personalized to orders, and is also playful.

The transparent LCD screens for the grab-and-go chicken stations are from the UK firm Crystal Display Systems (CDS). The screens are paired with access control and lift systems to open up the lockers for the customer.

The video shows how the QSR goes to town on more conventional menu and promotion boards, showing things like order status and even profiling crew members with images and goofy titles like Chief Counter Officer.

Really well done, though my Googling suggests this location is permanently closed. It may have been COVID roadkill.

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