LaGuardia Turns The Tap On For Giant Projected Water Curtain Show In Reno’d Terminal B

September 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I’m not sure I’d reference this water fountain projection thingie at the renovated (thank God!) NY LaGuardia Airport as a digital signage job, but it kinda sorta is, I suppose.

The Water Feature in the hugely improved (by the looks of it) Terminal B is like a giant, computer-controlled rainfall shower in the terminal that is dressed up with LED lighting and projections on the water.

The “show” in the post-security area is described as a celebration of NYC, with a journey through the five boroughs.  

The airport has a dedicated web page about the feature, which was fired up last year but few of us have seen because … well, you know why …

As you pass through the terminal, be sure to spend some time marveling at our Terminal B Water Feature. Located post-security on Level 4 of the Arrivals and Departures Hall, the water feature is the only one of its kind in the Americas and the only one of its kind in the world located in an airport. 

The Terminal B Water Feature is made up of two 25  foot tall circular rings of falling water. The water falls from more than 450 individually controlled solenoid valves to create a water curtain. A high quality industrial process controls each valve, allowing a precise cutting of the water curtain surface in any abstract or figurative shape and text. Shows are created using this technique with choreographed lighting, video projection and music. 4,000 gallons of water are recirculated through the system! 

We have added lighting, projection and audio to the water feature. Using 3 laser projectors, 2 media servers and a talented team of content designers, programmers, visual artists, and sound engineers, we have created a series of shows that will project onto the water feature. These shows are then choreographed with the water.

Shows run continuously during terminal hours, with our two signature shows – which celebrate New York City – appearing every 15 minutes between 5 am-10 pm. 

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