Time’s Running Out – Get Your Entries In For The 2022 Global Digital Signage Awards!

September 21, 2021 by Dave Haynes

A last reminder that vendors, service providers and end-users like network operators and agencies have a little more than a week left to pull together  submissions for the 2022 edition of the global Digital Signage Awards, which are backed, in part, by Sixteen:Nine.

As I have noted a number of times, a little bit of work can lead to a lot of marketing and HR benefit by entering these awards – which pull entries from around the world and are judged by people whose only interest is in what is done well. Unlike some awards out there, these ones have no pay-to-win element (like buying a table at the dinner).

The awards will be handed out at a big event during ISE week in Barcelona, which please-please will go ahead with the pandemic no longer Topic 1.

The good news for how these awards are being handled this year is that no matter how many entries a company may submit this year, that company will only pay one fee for the first entry. All other entries submitted are free of charge.

Companies also only need to send their 200-word summary with the completed entry form, plus a good reference picture, a logo reference and any links to video files, plus their first payment. In other words, this is NOT a pile of work and also NOT a pile of money.

The organizers, based in the UK, will call for the full submission documents once the entries are in, and vetted for compliance/eligibility, and the list of Finalist companies announced.

This year, previous awards categories are in place and three new COVID-centric categories have been added, HOPEFULLY as a one-time thing! Those are for sector-specific response, and creative and technical execution related to pandemic-focused signage efforts,

Closing date for entries is September 30 and the awards will be handed out at a dinner. The event is set for a hilltop restaurant/events facility overlooking the city, and the plan is to have a Sixteen:Nine mixer at the same venue, just ahead of the dinner. There is an outside terrace I am HOPING will be suitable on the day, and while it will be slightly nippy, it should be totally fine to hang around outside – certainly way warmer and likely way less wet than Amsterdam.

For more information about the Categories and How to Enter please visit the website.

Sixteen:Nine has been a main sponsor for several years now.

If you like the sound of award-winning project or award-winning platform in your marketing material, that’s only possible if you enter! Take a few minutes. Totally worth it.

Plus the winning or even just the recognition can be great for staff morale and client relations.

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