Giant LED Board For Times Square Includes Doors That Swing Open And Shut (With Video)

September 16, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The TSX Broadway multi-use development now under construction in NYC’s Times Square district has, to no one’s surprise, a big LED display component on a corner that also wraps around a permanent outdoor stage for live performances.

So if you already think Times Square is the world capital of sensory overload, just wait ’til you have a K-Pop group performing above the street and 20,000 screaming 14-year-old girls.

The development describes itself this way:

Serving some 15 million visitors a year, TSX Broadway is the ideal platform for the world’s most imaginative brands. With fully-integrated retail, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage, Times Square’s only permanent outdoor stage and new real-time digital customer engagement capabilities, TSX Broadway allows for every kind of experience, performance or interaction in the world’s most visible location.

SNA Displays won the “LED mega-spectacular” job on this project, and it just posted a short video of one of the components of the giant display – swinging LED doors. I assume the idea here is that when there is no performing act on the TSX Broadway stage, that stage can be cleared out and doors on hydraulic hinges can be swung into closed position to fill the larger LED displays square gap.

I don’t think I have seen anything like it. Automated doors is nothing new but the tolerances needed to get these doors snug when closed would involves JUST A BIT of thinking and careful engineering.

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