Now There’s Buzz About Another CGI’d Store Facade … But This One COULD Be Done

September 9, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Oh geez … there’s another digital concept of a New York City retail store floating around social circles and being touted as real, when it’s just CGI.

There’s been a huge amount of activity for a Zara store in SoHo that seemingly had an insane abstract digital store entry, prompting people to talk about it as a real and even sending people to SoHo … only to find out it was just computer-generated.

Now we have a video showing the Louis Vuitton store on 5th Avenue with an animated facade that would seem to be direct view LED. It also doesn’t exist, and is just a concept.

But read Linkedin comments and you will read questions that assume it is the real deal, asking about what technology was used.

The creative concept is from the same motion graphics guy who did the Zara thing …

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One very notable aspect of this one is that is entirely do-able using LED, whereas the Zara one has some practical constraints – like a door.

I am warming to these conceptual things for the simple reason that it gets people outside the industry talking about big digital visuals as architectural elements. If I was selling this stuff, having people excited and asking about it is better than just trying to get some awareness that this could be done.

The store already uses big printed vinyl murals, so this would be a logical progression … though $$$$$.

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