Moment Factory Pulling Together Much-Needed Visual Experiences For Newark’s Int’l Airport

September 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Tech vendors who have relationships with the Montreal creative technology shop Moment Factory should know the firm is pulling together a new project that involves new visual experiences at the airport in Newark, New Jersey – one of the big three airports serving New York City.

The newspaper Le Journal de Montreal reports:

Moment Factory was awarded a contract to embellish, but also to radically change the experience of the many travelers who arrive every day at Newark Liberty, one of the Big Apple’s three major airports, located in New Jersey.  

“We are working with them on a permanent multimedia project. We help them to completely rethink the way travelers get information about their flights, how to get to the boarding gate, it’s an interesting project,” said Jamie Reilly, director of the New York office, in an interview with The Journal.

Moment Factory already has considerable experience with airports, including the international terminal at LAX and Changi in Singapore, which is consistently ranked as among the best airports in the world (Qatar for the top nod in the most recent rankings).

As someone who has flown in and out of Newark multiple times, I can comfortably say the best visual experience possible for the old circular terminals A and B would be jackhammers and bulldozers. The things are cramped hell-pits. BUT … there are newer parts of Newark’s airport – Terminal C – that are actually quite nice, as airports go.

Newark is building a new Terminal One that will replace the A terminal, which is very happy news.

This is part of what was done at Changi …

Source: Changi Airport Group

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