Among The Endless Drip-Drip Of Bad Product Imagery That Comes In, This May Be The Worst

September 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Lots of story and product pitches come in with images that make me wonder if they’re real or Photoshop’d, but at least the vast majority of them involve some effort to make the product and scene appear realistic.

And then there’s this one that came in from a Shenzhen manufacturer overnight.

Showing flat panel displays in the scenario of a building hallway makes product marketing sense, but vendors should at least take a couple of minutes to skew the image they’re slapping on a blank wall, so it looks like it is actually mounted on the wall. And use something better than a pixelated image on the face of the display.

And, it appears, do a better job of cutting the gazing human out from some other photo and layering it on here. Poor woman has a very bad case of Squared Elbow.

On the positive side, the email from a guy named Tom started with “Hello dear.”

Note: Photo editing is a skill, and sure, not everyone has the chops, software or time. But online marketplaces like Fiverr have people willing to do what’s needed for $10-$20. Spend the money.

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