Sept. 23 Online Roundtable Plans Deep Dive On Real-Time Data In Digital Signage

September 2, 2021 by Dave Haynes

If a CMS software company or solutions provider is serious about chasing business beyond the SMB market, the chosen platform better support real-time data integration or they’re really not in the game.

When the content engine is driven by what the data is saying, at that moment, what’s on the screen is relevant. At the same time, production and staffing demands are minimized, because content updating can be largely automated.

It’s a subject that’s been around for years, but only seems to be hitting the mainstream now. I’m going to moderate a panel on this later this month with several companies, as part of a series with the French CMS software firm Telelogos.

The Sept. 23 online roundtable will get into:

Roundtable members

Terra Nova: Ernest Wang – General Manager
Intel: Dane Oldridge – Senior Solutions Architect
Hub One: Stanislas de Cordoue – Digital Solution Manager for Retail & Public Access Buildings
Telelogos: Martin Lynch – Technical Account manager

The one-hour session is free and you can register here.

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