Witnesses In The Case For Digital Drive-Thru

August 30, 2021 by Dave Haynes

One of the arguments I have been making in the last year or so about COVID and digital signage is how the pandemic really reinforced how valuable instantly or easily updated messaging was to retailers, restaurant operators and venue managers.

Here’s a classic case of what happens when you don’t have it – from a Bojangles in Charlotte, as spotted on Reddit.

Signs taped to whatever is handy and in view of customers, and shaky grammar that doesn’t exactly cast the operation in the best light.

But it’s not limited to that QSR. This is what looks to be a Starbucks, somewhere …

More broadly, ALL of those sheets of paper taped to glass doors and dry erase marker boards parked in entryways look kinda terrible, especially when they’re hand-written.

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