An LED Butterfly, Or Maybe Dragonfly, Lands At South China Airport

August 19, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting solution to an architectural problem faced by whatever media company has the concession at the international airport in the southern Chinese city of Kunming.

The big bulkhead between the up and down escalators is visually interrupted by a very large vertical support column. The standard solution would be to put separate LED displays on both sides. But in this case, LED manufacturer AOTO developed a solution that wraps around the column and joins the two flanking screens.

AOTO calls it butterly-shaped, but I’d say more like dragon fly. It’s also reminiscent of a satellite with solar panel wings. Whatever the case, it’s very different and, I think, works.

The screen has enough pixels to be referenced as 16K, though that shape would not natively support 16K content, if such a thing was done outside labs.

The AOTO display – social media post don’t reference pixel pitch – uses the manufacturer’s own Brilliant Phoenix play-out and control system.

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