That Vast LED Halo Screen At LA’s New NFL Venue Now Dubbed The Infinity Screen by Samsung

July 21, 2021 by Dave Haynes

It seems like a lot of the big LED score and replay boards at pro sports venues have a label on the bottom or in a corner indicating the manufacturer, but that’s about it.

Samsung, on the other hand, has worked out some form of agreement or arrangement to call the huge halo screen at the shiny new SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles “The Infinity Screen by Samsung.”

The recently opened stadium is home to LA’s two NFL teams – the Rams and Chargers – and the feature piece inside the seating bowl is a center-hung two-sided halo screen that’s about 40 yards above the field. It encompasses some 70,000 sq. feet of LED screen.

Says the PR:

The process of naming the videoboard at SoFi Stadium took many months of consideration and testing, with the team reviewing over a dozen names that communicated Samsung and SoFi Stadium’s overall vision. The name Infinity comes from Samsung’s long history with bezel-less displays and the videoboard’s unique design.  From mobile devices to displays like The Wall, Samsung is known for its infinite displays and the Infinity Screen at SoFi Stadium is no exception.

The display is an 8mm pitch Samsung board – touted as the biggest in use in a sports venue. The only screen rivalling it, I think, is the Daktronics display the NFL stadium in Atlanta.

Built for the future and positioned 122 feet above the playing field, The Infinity Screen by Samsung has the largest LED content playback system ever deployed. With nearly 80 million pixels spaced 8 millimeters from center to center, each panel can be uniquely or congruently programmed with statistics, live and/or animated content. The different sizes of the video panels are designed to serve spectators in every seat, from the sideline to the upper deck. Teams on the sidelines and fans sitting in the lower bowl of the stadium will view the inside of screen as it sits directly across from their line of view, while guests in the upper bowl will view the outer panels of the videoboard.

It’s kind of amazing and I’d love to see, but LA is a bit of a drive from Atlantic Canada. One day, perhaps!

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