LG TV Factory And Warehouse Hit By South Africa Rioting

July 12, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Hopefully, posts about riots and looting are not going to be a regular feature here, but here is a second story today of rioting and unrest – this one from South Africa.

Trefor Brock, who runs DC Media in South Africa and has a marketplace site called Digital Signage Arena, sent along video of looters near Johannesburg’s airport making off with entire flats of LG product from its TV factory and warehouse facility there.

I had understood the looting was in Jo’burg, but the LG statement suggests this happened in Durban.

I can’t really stream video off my servers, but what you see is people streaming away with a lot of product, including big flat panels. One guy even hijacked, I assume, a forklift.

So if you are in digital signage/AV in that region, and there were already delays because of microchip and other shortages, it may have just got worse.

Here is LG’s statement:

LG Electronics SA (Pty) LTD (“LG) acknowledges that on 12 July 2021 its Durban-based factory located at Cornubia Industrial Park, in Sundew Road, Ethekwini was affected by the protest action in the community.

We can confirm that no workers have been injured due to the factory looting and fire. The current situation is under investigation by our executive team and as updates are available, it will be shared. 

Deuk Soo Ahn, President of LG South Africa adds, “We take the safety of our workers very seriously and would like to reassure South Africans that we are working as swiftly and with great caution as we investigate the impact of what occurred at our factory in Durban. It’s by no means an easy situation and we are working hard to ensure operations get back back up and running.”

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we manage the situation in the best possible way.

The unrest is linked to the jailing of former South African President Jacob Zuma, for defying court orders to testify looking into high-level corruption during his nine years in power, which ended in 2018.

The country is also getting hit hard by a COVID wave, with a rolling average of some 19,000 new cases daily.

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