Spectrio Buys Automobile Broadcasting Network, 4th Digital Signage Firm In Past Year

July 8, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The Tampa-area in-store digital solutions firm Spectrio continues to grow through acquisition, with news that it has bought Automotive Broadcasting Network (ABN), which is focused on auto dealers.

The company is based on the other side of the state in Jacksonville. The deal, based on ABN’s installed footprint, makes Spectrio the largest digital signage software provider in the automotive industry.

ABN has been active in dealers for many years and is known mainly for putting screens and programming in waiting areas. But the company use menu displays, video walls and digital posters that “help clients create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, take advantage of dwell time, and make the maximum impact on potential customers.”

Buying into ABN’s dealership customer portfolio opens up the opportunity to sell in other Spectrio capabilities, like kiosks, on-premise messaging and music, on-hold marketing, Wi-Fi marketing, and scent marketing. It probably also means access to completed data integrations with things like auto dealer management systems.

“We are excited to bring on the ABN team as we accelerate Spectrio’s #grow2021 campaign. Their deep understanding of the complex and ever-changing needs of the automotive industry will be an unparalleled resource for our internal teams and our automotive clients,” says Dax Brady-Sheehan, CEO. “As we integrate features and functions of ABN’s software across Spectrio’s platforms, we’ll be able to develop more dynamic and engaging customer experiences and internal communications tools for clients in any industry.”

In addition to its retail digital signage solutions, ABN offers a unique sales performance management software created exclusively for auto dealerships. The ABN Inspire! software pulls data directly from a client’s dealer management system, displaying real-time sales performance on screens in the dealership. Modern gamification, motivational tools, and integrated incentive contests keep sales teams engaged and generate friendly competition.

“Partnering with Spectrio is wonderful because it not only allows us to bring more value for our industry clients, but also gives our team additional opportunities to share their expertise with a wider market,” says Jerry Daniels, ABN President and CEO. “We look forward to engaging in some new and exciting projects with Spectrio as we join them on their high-growth trajectory.”

Investor-backed Spectrio has been on an M&A tear, having acquired three digital signage software and solutions firms – Enplug, Screenscape and Industry Weapon – just in the last year. The company says it now has gear or services in “more than 150,000 client locations, ranging from local businesses to global brands.”

Screens in seating areas to pacify waiting customers are the most obvious and visible aspect of ABN, but what I like – and probably has far more bottom line impact – is ABN’s pitch to drive screens and programming all around a dealership, including the service counters and the places and moments for doing cross-sells and up-sells.

Brady-Sheehan’s quote includes a specific call-out to “Spectrio’s #grow2021 campaign” – suggesting this is not the last M&A news to expect from the company this year.

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