Nissan Crossover Busts Its Thames-side LED Display Case, Using Anamorphic Illusion

June 29, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is a temporary, pop-up digital marketing display for a Nissan vehicle on the banks of the Thames in London, using the same anamorphic illusion techniques seen lately on corner LED displays in China and South Korea.

As with all of these LED projects, clever motion graphic design creates the illusion that the visuals are three dimensional – if you are viewing the screen from the corner. The common thread is that 90-degree turn on a double-faced LED. There is a geometric term for that corner angle, I’m sure, but I was far too busy being a smart-ass in elementary school to learn and retain such things.

I have seen temporary LED ad displays in airport concourses, but I can’t recall seeing a big one like this sitting out on a busy pedestrian area – and the south banks of the Thames are indeed people-filled.

The project was put together by the media firm Talon Outdoor,  MG OMD, Pixel Artworks, TBWA and Ann Squared Events.

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