Employee Experience Platform HubEngage Adds Digital Signage Capabilities

June 29, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Numerous digital signage software and solutions companies are pushing hard into the workplace as a vertical, so it should not be terribly surprising that software companies focused on other kinds of workplace messaging are pushing into digital signage.

Companies like Zoom, for example, have added digital signage capabilities to its popular video meeting platform.

Now there is word of Boston-based HubEngage, an “employee experience” company, releasing a new version of its SaaS platform that includes “nn interactive and dynamic display solution for lobbies and other common workplace areas.”

The company has a variety of software modules it calls hubs – for things like video streaming, document archives, media galleries, social channels, employee recognition and messaging.

All HubEngage platform modules are accessible on iOS, Android and Web and come with optional gamification, leaderboards, and a best-in-class dashboard for administration and deep analytics. Integrations are available for existing legacy HCM, ERP and HRIS systems such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Workday, and other payroll and benefits platforms. The platform also comes with expert advisory and tailored client success support services along the journey.

“HubEngage has fast become a leader in the employee engagement space and our new version of the platform allows employers to consolidate their tools, save costs and reach 100% of their workforce wherever they are,” says Tushneem Dharmagadda, CEO of HubEngage. “The majority of our customers come from different industries where they don’t have an effective way to get critical information across the last mile to their employees.”

I’ve not seen a demo, so I can’t say if the digital signage module is amazing or elemental. Given it is an add-on and not a core component, it’s most probably the latter. But there are lots of organizations who might look at an add-on to something they already use, versus the cost, commitment and learning curve of a better, separate digital signage solution, and go with easy and good enough.

Companies like SignageLive, Intuiface and a few others are angling towards headless CMS solutions, in which their platform is the foundational scheduling and managing piece, but other systems – like employee experience or digital asset management – feed in content and data.

The idea is to largely get out of the way in terms of the content work, letting a company’s developers and creators work with familiar tools and push content out via the CMS.

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