Wicket Software Gets Patent For AI-driven Access Controls To Venues

May 20, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I assume or at least hope that software companies who develop access control systems that mash up computer vision, sensors and screens – for retail and other kinds of venues – will have had a look over the patents out there before getting too deep into product development.

Here’s one reason: The Philly-area software firm Wicket Software, previously known as ISM Connect, has been granted a U.S. patent for “entry prevention” based on computer vision.

US Patent No. 11,010,597 issued today by the USPTO is labelled: “Entry prevention of persons of interest from venues and events using facial recognition.”

The abstract says it is: “A system uses facial recognition to exclude persons of interest (POI) from events and/or venues. Such a system can include a combination of cameras, edge processing devices, and servers that are in communications coupling (e.g., via a network) and that are on premise and/or in the cloud to recognize such POI and prevent such POI from entering, traversing, and/or attending such venues or events.”

Particularly in these nutty times, there has been lots of discussion and activity about using AI, machine learning and sensors to manage and meter access into buildings, with guidance and real-time messaging on screens.

It has more to do health safety right now, but you could imagine how it could be used for many things like sporting events that want to block supporters who are known shit-disturbers and perhaps blocked from attending.

The company was co-founded by Sanjay Manandhar, who many digital signage people will know as the MIT Media Lab grad who started the digital signage CMS company Aerva, which was acquired by the LED sign company Watchfire.

While the patent is for facial recognition and access control, Wicket does more and the product suite includes audience analytics and a signage CMS.

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