Rise Vision, Airtame Partner On Digital Signage Solution Aimed Mainly At Schools

May 18, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Longtime digital signage CMS Rise Vision has announced an intriguing partnership with Airtame, a technology startup that also offers a digital signage solution built around a device that looks like a Google Chromecast dongle.

That partnership relates to Rise Vision’s vast and excellent library of user-driven content templates for scenarios like schools.

With Rise Vision’s templates on Airtame Cloud, says the PR, school staff can instantly share important messages to keep everyone informed. School IT teams and end-users will be able to save hours of content creation time and make a great impression with Rise Vision’s 400+ amazing digital signage templates.

“Partnering with Rise Vision will help us leverage their extensive library of professional content. The combination of the Airtame Cloud platform – supported by our display hardware –  and  Rise Vision’s digital signage templates will enable effective communication within schools. We believe the school community can achieve a lot more through this collaboration,”  says Orri Gudmundsson, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtame

Airtame 2 devices are mainly marketed as simple devices for casting to screens from other devices, including smartphones. But it also has digital signage and remote management components. In this tie-up, digital signage messages from Rise Vision can take over the display. “Schools can also send emergency alerts and safety messages from Rise Vision to Airtame 2 devices that are in digital signage mode.”

Schools can get 50% off the first year for each Rise Vision license they purchase to use with an Airtame Cloud license. This offer is available for all Airtame Cloud licenses purchased by K-12 and higher education institutions from May 1st, 2021 until August 31st, 2021. Contact Airtame or your local resellers to purchase your Airtame Cloud license. Then go to https://www.risevision.com/airtame to submit the proof of purchase and receive the discounted Rise Vision licenses.

Airtame and Rise Vision will hold a joint webinar on 8 June, 2021. The webinar will discuss how this partnership will help customers communicate important messages through digital signage both inside and outside your classrooms, as well as save time and reduce IT maintenance by unifying school digital signage and classroom collaboration.

Register here for: Save IT Time and Keep Your School Informed with Airtame and Rise Vision

The Danish firm Airtame has had dongles in the market for several years now, and seems to market digital signage capabilities as a down-time use case for the devices. While their little HDMI devices look very similar to Chromecasts, they’re different in terms of capabilities and management software, and definitely on price. The Airtame 2 is something like $400, while a Chromecast is sub $50.

The Cloud service has free and paid versions.

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