Display Week: E Ink Shows Its Advances In Color, Motion E-Paper Displays

May 17, 2021 by Dave Haynes

E Ink has a stand at the virtual SID Display Week, and this video (below) walks through where the company is at with things like showing color and animations.

Every year, the product gets a little closer to something that competes favorably with more established technology, most notably LCD.

You can see in the video – which includes footage from its stand at the in-person Touch Taiwan a few weeks ago – the color support is still a little constrained, and with at least one of the product lines, somewhat muted. Like there’s no pop to the color.

On the opther hand, the new Spectra stuff looks pretty good.

The other wild card is price. Stuff like color e-paper isn’t a mainstream product, so the volumes are down and prices high. Where it has appeal is in applications where LCD is challenged by the sun and made very expensive, and where LED can’t provide the pixel density and detail for things like visuals that include text.

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