ISE’s 2-Day In-Person Event In Barcelona Has Roughly Two Dozen Exhibitors

May 11, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe has released the list of on-premise exhibitors for its two-day in-person event at the start of June in Barcelona, and it is reasonable to describe the list as modest.

Some would suggest a shadow of its normal self, but that’s the situation, not the show. Hopefully, February 2022 in Barcelona will see lotsa people and exhibitors.

There are 24 exhibitors for the June 1-2 event, though two of those are local government authorities. So, more accurately, there are 22 tech vendors.

Of those, the visual systems/digital signage-y stuff would involve companies like Barco, Infiled, Lang, Panasonic, Nexmosphere and Waapiti. The show is broadly AV-IT, so just as the case in normal times, there are vendors who sell things like headset mikes and other stuff most irrelevant to digital signage projects.

Most are familiar in some way, though this company from Poland is unfamiliar and has interesting LED light tube sphere thingies I’d like to see, and understand how they’d be used.

The event is also digital, so interested people can dip in online.

I am not at all convinced I would get on a plane – certainly not right now – to get to Barcelona for a set of vendors I would blow through in about 90 minutes. But some people will. However, it is likely the in-person attendance will be heavily local and regional. That said, there’s a pretty decent digital signage ecosystem in Barcelona and more broadly across Spain. Trison, the biggest integrator in Europe, has a big office there, for example.

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