Starbucks Takes Digital End-Cap Concept Into The Aisles At ASDA Supermarket In UK

May 6, 2021 by Dave Haynes

My Linkedin feed had a post up from the UK about a digital merchandising display for Starbucks in the aisles of an ASDA supermarket.

The display is like a digital end-cap, except it was in-aisle and uses tactics like fins and angled displays to try to grab shopper attention.

I note this for a few reasons:

The Linkedin post below has a great set of comments debating the pros and cons of this thing, and also speculates that this is not necessarily an effort unique to Starbucks, but is actually ASDA merchandising gear that brands can opt in on and/or book.

  1. AcquireDigital in UK does quite a bit of the price and shelf digital displays. The market for ultra-wide is growing (sometimes smaller is better). See panel-brite for examples —

    Acquiredigital shelf examples —

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