Is This The World’s Biggest Digital Menu Display?

May 4, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is certainly the biggest digital menu display I’ve ever seen – a set-up using LED in the common area of a cinema operation in the Cinépolis movie theater chain.

Cinépolis is the largest cinema circuit in Latin America and the third worldwide, operating across Mexico, Brazil, part of the U.S. and roughly a dozen other countries. It has 862 cinema complexes with 6,664 movie theatres, being the third largest cinema chain in the world in numbers of theatres, the second in number of tickets sold and the first in the amount of tickets sold per theatre.

The chain has been rolling out a digital signage network for concessions and movie promotions in Mexican cinemas using the Spanish CMS software firm and the AV integrator Stratech –the software company’s Mexican partner.

Phase 1 of the rollout has involved converting over 1,600 display nodes to nsign.

“We were put to the test in a variety of scenarios, to which we responded quickly and with solutions, giving form and bringing to life all of their requests: Custom made applets, superimposed text on video, integration of the player with their existing hardware, synchronization of screens to create wow effects,” says nsign CTO Germán Talón. “There was no request that we could not develop to showcase the versatility and power of our software.”

“Cinépolis needed a solution that allowed them to manage their movie listings and the food court prices automatically,” adds Talón. “The data that was to be displayed on their menu boards and digital billboards had to be automatically updated with their data, meaning that the applets had to update automatically and without any human interaction.”

Among a few things, the software is pulling readable .xml files that come from the internal servers of Cinépolis to automate some customer-focused information.

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