Dubai Mall Lines Concourses With Big DV LED Back-To-Backs

May 3, 2021 by Dave Haynes

A lot of the digital signage jobs I have seen lately in shopping malls has tended to be very large direct view LED displays that dominate a space, or LED ribbons that line floors levels in atrium areas a bit like the way LED ribbons line the seating bowls in arenas.

So it was interesting to see a new project in a Dubai mall that uses DV LED displays more like flat panel LCDs, with a series of sync’d displays positioned along mall concourses on two levels.

Daktronics was contracted by Emaar Malls to design, manufacture and install 24 double-sided indoor LED banner displays, as well as two link bridge displays, at Dubai’s Marina Mall. The project lit up in Q1.

Lining the open atrium area of the mall between floors, these 24 double-sided displays are installed to share branding and tenant advertising and information. Each display measures 2 meters high by 1 meter wide and features 2.5-millimeter pixel spacing.

The two link bridge displays are located in the Dome Atrium. Each measures 1.5 meters high by 12.5 meters wide and each features 3.9-millimeter pixel spacing to bring additional messaging and branding opportunities to the mall.

Content and messaging can be coordinated on all displays at the same time, says the Dak PR, or adjusted by area of the mall or direction patrons are facing as they move about the space. 

I like. You can’t play with the content in the same way when it is a buncha rectangles and not long ribbons that allow a lot more creativity. But at roughly six feet tall and three feet wide, double sided, messages will get noticed.

This is a little reminiscent of what JC Decaux does at Heathrow, albeit with smaller LCDs.

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