Telelogos Integrates With Hivestack To Bolster Advertising Capabilities Of Its CMS

April 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

It seems, at least, that more and more general offer digital signage software platforms are adding some advertising capabilities either directly in their code or via partnerships and APIs.

Broadsign is the obvious example of a software shop that is mainly focused on digital OOH advertising. But most CMS platforms offer more generalized solutions, or are focused on specific verticals like workplace or retail or QSR.

Reflect, for example, has a module focused on endemic advertising in retail, and companies like Navori have ad modules. I’m sure several others do, as well.

But we’re now seeing companies like France’s Telelogos, which tends to work with large corporate customers, also adding advertising capabilities.

I don’t know, but my guess is this and other partnerships that software companies are doing with ad buy/sell/manage platforms owes to requests by end-users to monetize, subsidize or cost-recover on their screen networks.

The Telelogos partnership is with Montreal’s Hivestack, which has an open, scalable end-to-end programmatic solution.

The innovative integration is based on an agile and unique communication strategy between Hivestack’s SSP/ad server and Telelogos’ CMS. Content from publishers gets managed locally on the displays in a way that limits the real time requests to only contain the broadcasting conditions.

As a direct consequence, broadcasting suffers no latency, bandwidth usage gets optimized and cost of operations gets minimized. Overall, the integration secures the end-to-end programmatic process, dramatically reducing the risk of black screen and of media corruption.

 “In a DOOH market where most vendors are pushing proprietary solutions and where the DOOH value chain is evolving extremely fast, the open strategy of Hivestack is rather unique to protect companies and investors willing to deploy and monetize networks of DOOH displays,” says Christophe Billaud, general manager of Telelogos.

In addition, the powerful combination of Telelogos and of Hivestack allows media owners to mix advertising with informative content and to control their overall publishing strategy in a very flexible way.

This is a unique value proposition from two fast growing companies sharing the same values. It offers Media owners and organizations a game changing opportunity and the promise of accelerating and securing the monetization of their displays,” adds Billaud.

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