Latest Gentle Monster Eyewear Store Blends Particle Accelerator, Giant Shrimp Thingies And Video Walls

April 8, 2021 by Dave Haynes

You may recall a recent post about a South Korean eyewear chain that goes seriously over-the-top with its retail design concepts – with the one in Silicon Valley including an animatronic old lady who nods off and a pair of life-sized, stuffed donkeys.

Here’s another Gentle Monster store – in a buzzy Beijing shopping district – that has faux particle accelerators, a tree, what look like giant, huddled shrimp, and at least a couple of video walls – one DV LED, the other LCD.

Here’s how it is described in Retail Design …

The South Korean eyewear brand is not only known for its highly evocative retail spaces, but also for continuously revamping its boutiques to keep abreast with the fast-evolving sensibilities of its savvy target demographic.

As of late, the two-storey premises of its store in the Chinese capital boasts an entirely new set-up, and yes, Gentle Monster‘s in-house design team have pulled it off again. The new interior design, themed The Revolution, is inspired by a plant’s journey through the evolution process, and obviously, infused with a solid dose of the brand’s signature fantastical hi-tech.

Upon entering the boutique, shoppers encounter a gigantic installation revolving around two circular particle accelerators, rotating devices which stimulates the plant’s evolution, followed by an installation featuring an old tree with newly grown hi-tech branches, signalling precious new life. Gentle Monster‘s coveted eyewear is meticulously blended into the visual bravado, but is also featured more prominently on sleek shelving on both side walls.

One floor up, a different setting unfolds which sees the merchandise itself gaining the limelight, albeit interspersed with installations signalling the later stages of the plant’s evolution. Shelving and displays are crafted from different metals, plexiglass and wood, but also in a variety of designs, creating a sophisticated visual layering.

The renewed Gentle Monster flagship store carries the full range of sunglasses and prescription eyewear, in addition to all collaboration collections.

Big hmmmm …

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