Jakarta LED Billboard Mimics Surroundings To Create 3D Visuals

April 8, 2021 by Dave Haynes

There have been several videos relayed here in the last couple of years, showing impressive anamorphic 3D visuals on outdoor digital ad boards. But they’ve all been on displays that wrap around a 90-degree corner, and they only tend to show the “effect” from a certain, narrow angle.

This is another take at anamorphic, on a big digital OOH screen in Jakarta, that changes the viewing to head-on, playing with shadows and the building structure to create the effect.

I’ve seen indoor LED video walls like the Comcast Center in Philadelphia create surprise by making the digital background look like its surroundings, so viewers forget it’s digital and active. In this case, it’s outside and the motion creative factors in the concrete facade of the building the screen is mounted on.

So when an alien spacecraft seems to burst out of the building, it’s because the “building” viewers see is worked into the creative.

The board and creative are from an Indonesian media company called PT. Prisma Harapan is one of leading Advertising Companies in Indonesia.

Clever stuff. The spacecraft component of this ad series starts at 2:44 in the video below.

  1. Laura Shaw says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave. Impressive and creative. I’m surprised and somewhat shocked that they would allow this visually distracting content on a busy highway… I feel it would cause accidents as people slow to gawk. They actually have a giant QR code that they’d expect viewers to scan while driving? Wow. This would never get approval in Canada.

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