April 21st Telelogos Webinar Looks At Secure Digital Signage Management In Banking

April 1, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I’m moderating what should be an interesting online roundtable in roughly three weeks, focused on the use and particularly management of a digital signage across a major South African bank.

Nedbank is something of a pioneer, doing early, in-branch digital signage more than 20 years ago, when it was probably referred to as something like in-branch TV. The bank’s branches continue to showcase innovative, customer-centric technology solutions despite the challenges of trying to make things work across a vast, barren country that has 11 official languages to serve and a technology infrastructure that can be shaky.

In-branch digital messaging is a mission-critical communications channel for the bank, so the company uses the French CMS software firm Telelogos to manage messaging, as well as the companion device management toolset, called CLYD.

The April 21 session is summed up like this:

How Nedbank, a major banking player and a pioneer in digital transformation, ensures maximum-impact messaging in 100s of branches with secure, mission-critical remote device management software tools.

The panel session includes:

The event is April 21st at 5pm SAST, 4pm CET, 10am EST, 7am PST, and is free. The planners tried to come up with a time that somehow spanned a bunch of time zones without any expectations people would sit in on an evening or early-early AM session.

The plan is to also record it and make the session available on demand, should people be unable to make that time window work.

I already did a planning call on this and think this session will be interesting, based on what Nedbank and its AV solutions partner were laying out. I spent several weeks working in Johannesburg a few years ago, for a big telecoms company, and left impressed by the level of technical sophistication in that country. You could, at that point, do way more banking and money transfer work off a crappy little “burner” phone in that country than you could off a latest-gen smartphone in the US or Canada. On the flip side, broadband was entirely unreliable back then (though I gather that has improved).

The session should also be a useful introduction to Telelogos, which is starting to actively market and build business ties in North America. I started learning about the company, and particularly its very good device management capabilities, when I started going to ISE a few years back.

The event information and registration link is here: https://cs9soemv.sibpages.com

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