Pro Tip: Secure LED Video Wall To Wall, Floor … Or, Ummm, Something. Or This Happens …

March 10, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is the broadcast set for ESPN’s football coverage in Colombia, and part of the visual sizzle is an LED video wall.

As the brief video in the tweet embedded below shows, it is probably a good idea to affix DV LED walls to the back wall, or if that is not feasible, at least use a mounting system with wide enough “feet” or anchor bolts that will ensure it stays upright.

As you will see, at about nine seconds in to this clip, the LED wall tips over and takes out one of the show hosts. That thing came down quick and it pretty much makes him disappear. But he got away with bruises and is otherwise fine.

There is no detail I can find, at least in English, as to what happened and why. There’s also the chance there was a mount system, but something happened with it. However, the lack of bits sticking out from the collapsed rear suggests this thing was standing … and fell.


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