72-Foot LED Wall Dominates Outdoor Plaza At New Atlanta Tech Center

February 12, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The is a 72-foot wide direct view LED video wall that’s gone up in the plaza of a new tech-centric real estate development in Atlanta’s Technology Square district.

Sensory Interactive did the documentation, procurement, project management, and content development services on the project, and used SNA Displays for the LED.

Says Sensory in its case study on the project:

“The display will give Coda Tech Square the flexibility to present a wide range of content that supports Georgia Tech, the Technology Square community, and the building’s tenants. It is capable of presenting static images, video content, web-based feeds, live simulcast video, and interactive applications. It is also supported by an integrated audio system that can deliver live or recorded sound to viewers in the plaza.”

I like. While most big outdoor LED that isn’t at a sports venue is focused on advertising, this one has a nice range of applications. You could imagine product launches and company celebrations, even conferences, using this screen as the focal point.

I also kinda like that it’s not in a lobby, for a change, though I think the big LED in lobby thing is effective in many, many instances.

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